Are you looking to reduce reliance (and cost of) agency, whilst fully utilising your own staff first?

We give you the tools to help manage your flexible workforce, including overtime, bank and finally agency. share banks, approve agency shifts, manage agency compliance and let your own staff ‘steal’ shifts from agencies saving you both time and money.

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"Temployer is a great platform to use! User friendly with so many good features for all roles/departments that use it.
From a compliance aspect, there are so many elements which have supported us as a business. From tracking shifts, approving shifts, viewing profiles from authorised suppliers to rejecting profiles too. A personal favourite function is when areas such as training expires, the profile automatically suspends, putting a block on further shifts being booked due to not being compliant. Simple but effective!"

- Nikita Sabharwal, Buyer, Agency, Cygnet Healthcare

"Temployer has been instrumental in helping Cygnet reduce agency spend across the portfolio by c. 50% whilst better managing the way the team book overtime, bank and agency shifts. Plus the transparency and visibility the system provides has improved our overall staff retention by giving permanent and bank staff priority over agency workers: the “first come, first serve” nature of Temployer gives our workers a fair chance to pick up extra shifts."

- Marc Hilly, Operational Projects Director, Cygnet Healthcare

"Temployer has been an absolute godsend for us at Cygnet Hospital Stevenage!! It enables us to book staff well in advance. We are able to see the shifts booked as well as shifts still outstanding. Temployer has so many abilities, it makes life so much easier for myself as the staffing lead as well as staff wanting to book in extra shifts. They have the choice of where they work so are able to pick themselves. We would be lost without it."

- Kat Rayner, Staffing Lead, Cygnet Hospital Stevenage

"Cygnet Oaks was in the first sites to go live with the Temployer system and app. Ben and the team from Temployer worked well with Cygnet and the site to ensure that the roll out was as smooth as possible. The system itself has easy access to the administration side and admin users can put out vacant shifts or additional shifts easily and in bulk using the system/app. These are then picked up by regular, bank or agency workers using the app on their phone. The process massively reduces admin time in phoning around the staff, emails from the system then confirm the staff accepting the shift. The system syncs in well with authorisation of shifts and invoicing is easy to check and audit. Agency profiles are updated as required and flag up as suspended if out of date giving the site reassurance in regards to the agency staff provided by our approved agencies."

- Timothy Wright, Hospital Manager, Cygnet Oakes

Best Practices from 15 Years working in Private Healthcare

  • Successfully headed up the Resourcing function for one of the UK's largest care providers.
  • Recruited Staff both on the agency side and internal side for some of the UK's largest care brands.
  • Supported implementation of Temployer across nearly 200 hospital sites nationwide.
  • Helped those hospital sites replace over 200,000 agency shifts with their own staff using the Temployer system saving them in the region off £7,000,000.

Ben Benhafsi - Workforce Management Expert


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